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Having a will in place makes the probate process go quickly. However, if your loved one has died without creating a will, the process might be tedious. Douglas M. Sieb, P.A. has been practicing as a probate attorney in Sarasota, Florida for over 28 years. He’ll learn about your situation to help you choose the best course of action.

Trust Douglas M. Sieb to help you through the probate process. Call 941-365-4198 now to schedule a free probate administration consultation in Sarasota, Florida.

Choose our firm for probate litigation

Choose our firm for probate litigation

Going through probate is difficult enough without family members arguing over the will. Turn to Douglas M. Sieb to help you resolve any disputes. As a seasoned probate law attorney in Sarasota, Florida, he can:

  • Help all parties involved reach a favorable compromise
  • Notify heirs of their loved one’s passing
  • Settle any remaining debts the deceased may have
  • Take inventory of the estate

Don’t make the probate process more difficult than it needs to be. Contact Douglas M. Sieb today to learn more about probate administration in Sarasota, Florida.

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